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Frequently Asked

Below are the Single and Dating Guidelines and explanation of the types of dates


Single and Dating In Real Life is a new  hybrid way of dating.  

This is a space that allows you to hang out get to know each other before you make any kind of commitment or spend your money and your time.

You connect to find love or make friends.

We can manage your social life and make sure you keep enjoying others and participating in activities you like.

  1. Can I search the database? Yes, just enter their name is the search window to locate another member.

  2. Can I contact other members?  Yes, you can chat with them in the member forum. If the receipt of your request asked you to stop contacting them, you must stop.  Infractions of this rule will get you removed from the website and any other platform that Single and Dating In Real Life is on.

  3. Are tickets refundable?  Tickets are refundable up to two weeks prior to the event.  The fees from the tickets go toward paying for  things like the location, food, drinks, speakers, and other related costs.  If the event is cancelled or rescheduled, then tickets will be 100% refunded upon request.

  4. What to do if someone does not accept my connection request?  Accept their response and begin to look for other people of interest.

  5. What are Matched Speed Intros (speed dating)?  We call speed dating speed intros because you need more than a few minutes to make a good judgement of another person.  Matched means that using the information we have at the time on the people who are attending the event, we have looked for some commonality. 

  6. Is there someone specific for me at the matched events?  Yes, we have selected at least one person for you to meet and mingle with at the matched events.  So, when you don’t come to the matched events, you are basically standing someone up (and depending on the event, it could be as many as 3 men or women waiting to meet you).

  7. If I don’t come to the matched event, can I still meet my matches?  Yes, let us know that you are interested, and we will reach out to them to see if they are still interested.  Then you can contact each other through chat or meet at the next virtual or IRL event.

  8. What happens if we are not a connection?  If you are not a connection, don’t let that be an issue.  Single and Dating has a growing database from which you can choose other possibilities.  Above all, you do now want to spread negative gossip about another member.

  9. Do I need a picture?  Yes, you do.  Please place a picture of yourself in the system it helps to connect you with people who are interested in meeting you again.  It also helps those who are in the database searching.

  10. Do I need a profile?  When you attend matched events, we use the info in the database as well as other info to find the best match for you from the people who are attending.  Our system will also do a better job if you have a profile.

  11. How safe is this?  Single and Dating is designed as a dating site as well as a social club.  So you can do multiple group dates before you decide to connect with someone outside of Single and Dating IRL.  Then you still might want to keep your meetings to public events until you can verify information about your new friend.

  12. Should I give out my phone number?  We suggest that until you are sure of the person you are connecting with, you use a google phone number.  Check you app store to download the app.

Reminder:  Do not continue to contact persons who indicated that are not interested in making a connection.  If this happens multiple times, you will be removed from this website and any other platform Singe and Dating IRL is associated with without refund.


Meet & Match Date

These are virtual dates with multiple members.  On this date, the host spends the most time directing the conversation to help connect.  You can invite members directly or we can invite for you.

Style Consultation

If you are just getting back in the game or maybe looking for personal style update. We are here to support you.  We have a stylist onboard who will virtually critique your wardrobe or take you on a virtual shopping trip.

Speed Dating

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Relationship Coaching

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Game Nights Dates

These dates you work in pairs to play various games. Like Love Scavenger Hunt or Escape from the Theater.

Fun and designed to increase connected. 

IRL Dates

As we grow, we will be planning and scheduling more Speed Dates and other dating adventures like the upcoming IRL date for dog lovers.  These can be hosted by


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