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We all could use the once over of a dating coach.  And, now you can have the advice without the thousand dollar price ticket...

Learn to clear your love landscape so that you are ready for that new love.

Learn how to create a great profile and online presence so you meet people that match

If you have been in multiple relationships and still remain single, then this book will show you have to stop doing the same thing and getting the same results.





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  • Workshops are refundable up until the start date.  Once the workshop starts, your payment  is not refundable.  If you do not take the course, the monies can be used toward a future workshop.   These funds can only be used toward other workshops.  The funds you paid toward a workshop if not used can not be split up but can only be applied in total toward a workshop.   This policy will remain in effect for 3 months after the original start date.  After that, if a course is not taken, the monies paid toward the original workshop will be forfeited.  

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    For books and  electronic downloads, these items can be returned within 2 weeks of the purchase.  

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  • The information provided in our courses and books is not meant to take the place of psychological counseling.  Please seek a therapist or psychologist for medical treatment.

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