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The Ultimate Singles Workshop for Today's Real Life Dating

Modern-age dating is a fast-paced world with too many options and limited time.

If you don't make an impression during the first couple of seconds, then your chances of making a connection are very slim.

If you are among those who feel like they are stumbling through the dating world blindfolded, then it's time to ditch the blindfold and gear up for a dating revolution with the Single and Dating In Real Life Workshops. 


Learn how to meet and attract the people who fit you!


What value is......

jumping from one match to the next...

in and out of short term connections ...

Going to events and coming home with not one prospective match...

getting frustrated by the effort you put out and the lack of success...

knowing that you just want to be in a relationship and stop dating

but you can't make it happen....

You can keep doing what you are doing or you can take our workshops to

learn authentic dating, relationship, and confidence building skills to

Unleash Your Dating Super Powers.

The same thing that is keeping you from being happy in love now
is the same thing that will keep you alone and loveless in your later life.
This is a lesson you can only learn once you are older and looking from the other side of dating.  Heed the warning.  Don't turn into that guy.

                                                                                           ~~~~ Freda Rae
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It's time to create your own successful relationships.

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Next Workshop. 


Addressing Your Internal Blueprint for Relationship Success

Start your journey right now!

Crack the Code and
Transform your love life!

Signup for our next workshop. 
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What makes the difference?

This is not a canned webinar.  This is a real workshop with real people and real feedback.

We want you to practice what we preach while we are still working directly with you.  

If you are not ready for change in  your "love" life (and change can be uncomfortable), then this is not the program for you.  

But if you are ready,  the next class will be starting soon.  Click the link to register for the life and love altering workshop.

What People Are Saying

Our workshop series is new, but our matchmaking and social club is not. Here what people said about their experience with us.

"I would definitely come back.  I loved the way the "hosts" went about it.  The entire vibe of the virtual Meet and Mingle was quite fun."  

Hasan, Montco, PA

"I have been on many dating sites a long time....Match, EHarmony.  I have never had very good luck.  But...(Single and Dating)...totally changed that.  (My new match) will not go to sleep without calling me....thank you so much".

Elizabeth, Lehigh Valley

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This workshop is a journey towards finding lasting fulfillment.

  • Learn what's in your hidden blueprint for love and connection.

  • Learn what parts of your blueprint are killing your chances for a relationship.

  • Review your wants and expectations for a mate and determine if they are still applicable to who you are today.

  • Learn how to increase the number of possible prospects so that you have more opportunity for love.

  • Identifying Your Wants and Expectations: Gain clarity on what you truly desire in a relationship.

  • Uncover past baggage and how it is effecting your current dating process.

  • Exploring life influences and relationship patterns.


We empower our clients by providing personalized assessments, expert guidance, and practical instruction to help them develop self-assurance and attract the partners of their dreams.

Don't let your next real connection pass you by....

Couple Selfie

This is one of our core workshops!
You literally may never find that right person if you 
keep carrying around hidden views that cloud how you see yourself and others.

"Hidden Hurdles"
Addressing Your Internal Blueprint for Relationship Success.

Saturday June 29th  10am-1pm

This workshop will open your eyes
to what you were not aware of
but is the driving source 
for choices you make in your
dating and relationship experience.

FYI....Spots fill up fast!!
Click the link below for details and registration


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