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Will the Real High Value Man Please Stand Up.

There has been a lot of fluff floating around social media and the dating coaching sites in regards to connecting with a high value man or woman.

The high value man is supposed to be blessed with the the three 6's. Nooo, not the biblical three sixes, but 6 feet, 6 figure salary, and a 6 pack. That is the simple definition that supposedly establishes what all hopeful women should be looking for and all other men should regret not being. I won't mention again that the devil also is a three 6's man.

The truth of the matter is a high value man or woman is what is high value to you.! No one can decide that but you.

There is no magic template for a man or woman that can say who you should want. We all have different upbringings and experiences which makes our love needs vary.

Surprisingly enough our personal choice of mate can come down to one deciding factor or trait.

I read an article where a dating coach informed the reader that a high value person is nice and considerate. Alright, so who doesn't like someone who is nice and considerate....literally no one.

When's the last time you heard someone say, " I went out on a date last night and the person was so nice and considerate....gee I hate that!"

What you want to do is find the trait/s that satisfy your heart's longing. Only you can say what that is.

My nail technician shared with me her story. She said she had one special trait for a man and that was honesty. Before meeting her husband, she always liked a man who could seduce her with words. Yet, she never fell in love with any of them. Her husband was not able to verbally seduce her at all. "He is terrible at that sort of thing", she said. She connected with him because what her heart craved was an honest man. This single trait was the piece that completed her love puzzle.

So, I ask you, how do you define a high value man? What will make your heart flutter and also make your soul say..... Yeah, that's the one!

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