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What type of Relationship are you looking for after 40?

Singles over forty are forming a variety of relationships, from casual dating to long-term commitments. Some are looking for companionship and others for a deeper connection.

Some singles are all about their independence and prefer to keep things casual. If they do decide to get serious, they might not want to move in together.

That way, they can still be committed to their partner while keeping their freedom intact."


I recently read someone on Reddit proposing the *Minimum Effort Date.

It goes like this...

  1. Date once/ week (two max) and vacation together once a year (two max).

  2. Communication between dates is limited to sending each other memes.

  3. No serious, emotional discussions about our relationship - ever - none.

  4. Be each other's +1 when necessary (weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs etc).

  5. Have each other's backs in general: House sitting, pick up from the airport, help moving etc.

  6. Sex once per week with mutually minimum performance expectations (we're 40+ years old, c'mon).

  7. No cohabitation - under no circumstances other than, say, a natural disaster, where the other's home is destroyed.

  8. No marriage for any purpose other than citizenship.

9. You're exclusive and loyal. No dating/ sleeping with other people.


My advice is to decide what your relationship goals are and ask any date right up front. What are you out here looking, marriage, companionship, or just a straight up fun buddy?

Is the Minimum effort date for you?

There is a lot of time and money spent on dating apps and dates. So whether you are a minimalist or not, you nee to make sure you are spending your money strategically.

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