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Guidelines for Safe Dating Online

I heard on the news yesterday that Leslie Ben-lesau from Cali had a date with someone she met on OkCupid. She never came back home. She has been missing since then. It is always distressing to hear those type of stories. It always makes you wonder if you should pull back from using dating apps and meeting strangers. You are hoping that the person comes home safe, but you are also hoping that this never happens to you.

Here are some guidelines dear members that we would like to suggests to help you remain save...

1. Just because you have gotten friendly with someone on the internet and video chatted with them a few times, does not mean you know them.

2. If you are having a relationship only online, you are not in a fully connected relationship. Don’t assume anything until you get to know them in real life.

3. Check their profile for certification. Dating sites are giving members an opportunity to have themselves certified which mean that some level of a background check has been performed. You can also do a background check yourself. Make sure you get a first name and a last.

4. Meet them at a public place. Remember “there’s safety in numbers.” Keep that in mind. Have dinner at a restaurant, not their home or yours. Go to public events or opt for activities that keep you around other people.

5. Don’t go places that you have no idea how to get home from.

6. Go in your own car and meet your date at the location. If you can’t go in your own car, have an Uber/Lift scheduled to take you and pick you up at a specific time. Make sure the other person is aware of that.

7. Don’t provide your address or bring them to your home until you are sure you can trust them with this information.

8. Make sure that a friend or relative knows you are dating someone new and where you are going. There should be a plan to let your “Safety Person” know you are home safely at the end of the date. Have a “safety word” that you would say to let them know you are in danger. You may even want them to track your phone that night.

9. Provide information about the person you are going to date to your “Safety Person” so that they have some idea who they are and how to find them. (I am going out with BabyBluBoy whose real name is Tony Jones. I met him on my dating website).

10. Try to meet some people that are a part of their lives before you settle on being alone with this new person…friends, family, co-workers.

Some of this may sound a bit extreme. However, I guarantee that if you are ever caught in a situation where the person turns out to be a threat, you will wish you had done everything you could to stay safe.

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