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Refund Policy

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W hope that our hosts, games and conversation, and online dating activates bring you fun and joy.  But if by chance you need to  make a change f plans,  here is how to get a refund.

Getting a Refund

How to 

Getting a refund is easy.  Just email our a copy of your receipt and what you want the refund for..

When To

Memberships:  Refunds for memberships are refundable within the first two weeks of registration.

Activities:  You may ger a refund for activities up to a week before they occur.

When To

Activities:  Refunds for events cne be obtained up to a week prior to the event.  Email a copy of your receipt and the event you want the refund for.

What Next

Your refund will be return on the card or app you paid with.

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