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Sat, Aug 24




This course aims to equip men with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the dating world respectfully and effectively, ultimately improving their dating experiences and relationships. The Etiquette workshop will out you a touch above the average guy.


Time & Location

Aug 24, 2024, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM


About the event

 Course Title: **Mastering Dating Etiquette for Men

Module 1: Understanding Yourself

- **Self-Reflection and Confidence Building:**

  - Assessing personal strengths and weaknesses.

  - Building self-esteem and confidence.

  - Understanding personal values and relationship goals.

 Module 2: Preparing for the Date

Personal Grooming and Presentation:**

  - Importance of personal hygiene.

  - Dressing appropriately for different types of dates.

  - Body language and first impressions.

Planning the Date:**

  - Choosing the right location based on interests and preferences.

  - Making reservations and ensuring logistics are smooth.

  - Preparing conversation topics and questions.

 Module 3: Communication Skills

Initiating and Maintaining Conversations:**

  - Active listening and showing genuine interest.

  - Asking open-ended questions.

  - Avoiding controversial or overly personal topics on early dates.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication:**

  - Understanding and using positive body language.

  - Being mindful of tone and speech.

  - Recognizing and responding to non-verbal cues from your date.

Module 4: Etiquette During the Date

Meeting and Greeting:**

  - Proper ways to greet your date.

  - Making a positive first impression.

Table Manners and Dining Etiquette:**

  - Basic table manners.

  - Ordering food and drinks.

  - Handling the bill with grace.

Respect and Consideration:**

  - Respecting personal space and boundaries.

  - Being punctual and considerate of your date’s time.

  - Showing kindness and courtesy.

Module 5: Post-Date Etiquette

Following Up:**

  - Sending a thank-you message.

  - Expressing genuine interest in a second date if interested.

  - Handling rejection gracefully.

Module 6: Digital Dating Etiquette

Online Dating Profiles:**

  - Creating an authentic and attractive profile.

  - Selecting the right photos and writing a compelling bio.

Communicating Online:**

  - Sending thoughtful and respectful messages.

  - Navigating the transition from online to offline dates.

### Module 7: Advanced Topics

Handling Difficult Situations:**

  - Dealing with disagreements or uncomfortable topics.

  - Recognizing red flags and knowing when to walk away.

Cultural and Social Sensitivity:**

  - Understanding and respecting cultural differences.

  - Adapting to various social contexts and expectations.

Long-Term Dating and Relationship Building:**

  - Maintaining interest and excitement in a relationship.

  - Building trust and emotional intimacy.

  - Communicating effectively in a long-term relationship.

Module 8: Practical Exercises and Role-Playing

Role-Playing Scenarios:**

  - Practicing greetings, conversations, and goodbyes.

  - Mock dates to simulate real-world situations.

  - Feedback sessions to refine skills.

- **Final Assessment:**

  - Practical test through a mock date or role-playing exercise.

  - Personal feedback and improvement suggestions.



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