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Unleash Your Dating Superpower

The Ultimate Single Man's Workshop for Today's Real Life Dating

Modern-age dating is a fast-paced world with too many options and limited time.

If you don't make an impression during the first couple of seconds, then your chances of making a connection are very slim.

If you are among those men who feel like they are stumbling through the dating world blindfolded, then it's time to ditch the blindfold and gear up for a dating revolution with the Single and Dating In Real Life Workshop for Men. 


Learn how to comfortably meet and attract women!


What value is joining a dating app when......

You don't have the confidence to meet a woman.

You think you are not good enough.

You're afraid of rejection and what you feel that says about you.

You're not sure of the best things to talk about on the first date.  

You can't get the women you want to be attracted to you?

So, you can keep doing what you are doing or you can take our workshop to

learn authentic relationship and confidence building skills to

Unleash Your Dating Super Powers.

Don't grow into this guy,
old and alone, because you were not willing 
to grow into a better version of yourself.
Dating Coach-Angry old man.png

It's time to stop watching the other guy
walk away with the girl.
Create your own successful relationships.

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Get yourself on the Waiting List for the

March Workshop. 

Unleash your Dating Superpower

And start your transformative journey right now!

Crack the Code and
Transform your love life!

In this workshop the team will guide you through

Signup for our next mini-workshop. 
Click the link to find out more.

What makes the difference?

This is not a canned webinar.  This is a real workshop with real people and real feedback.

We want you to practice what we preach while we are still working directly with you.  

If you are not ready for change in  your "love" life (and change can be uncomfortable), then this is not the program for you.  

But if you are ready,  the next class will be starting in register for the next mini-workshop.

What People Are Saying

Our workshop series is new, but our matchmaking and social club is not. Here what people said about their experience with us.

"I would definitely come back.  I loved the way the "hosts" went about it.  The entire vibe of the virtual Meet and Mingle was quite fun."  

Hasan, Montco, PA

"I have been on many dating sites a long time  Match, EHarmony.  I have never had very good luck.  But...(Single and Dating)...totally changed that.  (My new match) will not go to sleep without calling me....thank you so much".

Elizabeth, Lehigh Valley

romantic couple 1.png

  In this workshop you will..

  • Learn how to attract women

  • Develop winning conversational skills

  • Learn to approach a woman in real life.

  • Learn to flirt with women.

  • Learn where to find the type of women you are looking for.

  • Learn to quickly disconnect from women who are not a connection for you. 

  • Test the validity of what you think you want in a woman and make adjustments.

  • Create an appealing online profile for your dating app.

  • Learn to handle rejection without losing confidence.

  • Wardrobe support.

  • Bodywork to get in touch with your physical self. (Women look at a man's body and speculate just like men do)


We empower our clients by providing personalized assessments, expert guidance, and practical instruction to help them develop self-assurance and attract the partners of their dreams.

_pretty  black lady 3.png

Enroll in the special
mini-workshop for only

"Beyond the Swipe"
Innovative Ways to Connect with Singles Offline.

You can find singles anywhere and everywhere in the real world. 

In this dynamic mini-workshop,
you will explore strategies and
create a dating plan for finding 
singles offline
when online has you flustered..

We limit our class size.

Because the training will consider each participants specific tastes and interests. 
It is not another generic overview of dating.

FYI....Spots fill up fast!!


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